Core Competencies, a few examples: While the following list of competencies are not all inclusive of the services that we provide, we selected these few examples to highlight some of our most recent expertise and to demonstrate the breadth of our expertise.

Document Management
LEI has provided records management support services for the development of ARs and IRs and the organization of environmental records to 119 Air Force installations, sites, and headquarters. The AR files and IR files are compiled in our dedicated facility, where over 50 quality control checks are performed during the compilation process to ensure that quality products are produced. LEI’s broad experience with ARs even extends to facilitating Federal policy. LEI worked with EPA and coordinated a change to the EPA guidance document (OSWER 9833.3A -1) to allow the use of CD-ROM for long-term storage of the AR document images fulfilling the Federal regulations that require the creation of the IR for local communities. LEI then developed a program for retaining the database search capability to allow retrieval of scanned images of AR documents. LEI owns a website at and has over 30 Air Force bases online.

LEI has managed sensitive, high-profile Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) on controversial projects. Our corporate project experience and repeat business from satisfied clients illustrates the depth and breadth of our knowledge in applying the Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ’s) and individual agencies’ regulations for implementing NEPA to support each customer’s mission. We have successfully managed the complete NEPA process for more than 250 EISs and EAs in support of programmatic, site-specific, and legislative decisions for agencies within the Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Defense (DoD), Energy (DOE), Interior, Justice, and State, and for the EPA. LEI has provided long-term multiple NEPA contract support services to many of these agencies, including EPA’s Office of Federal Activities, DOE’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (now closed), DOE’s Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance, DOE offices nationwide and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), DoD, the USDA Forest Service, the State Department, and BLM. We are also very proud to include among our clients two major Federal Government entities charged with ensuring that agencies comply with NEPA: CEQ and EPA. For CEQ, we reviewed cumulative impact guidance issued by the Council, reviewed and synthesized numerous articles and studies (including those relating to public involvement) prepared for the CEQ NEPA Effectiveness Study, and prepared a report to CEQ. This effort included a study of citizens' reaction to the NEPA process. For EPA’s Office of Federal Activities and regional offices, under two consecutive support contracts, we prepared three EAs; reviewed programmatic EISs in support of EPA’s Clean Air Act § 309 EIS review obligations; and developed specialty guidance for EIS reviewers within EPA.

Cultural Resources
Recent Cultural Resource (CR) projects accomplished by LEI include: a blanket purchase agreement to support the fuels management projects for the Bureau of Land Management in southern California including intensive biological and cultural resources field surveys, technical reports and recommending mitigation measures, Cultural Resource Inventories of USACE Lands in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska; Updates to Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plans for the U.S. Air Force and for USACE; and activities necessary to develop Historic Resources Management Plans for the Department of Veterans Affairs. LEI’s recent and relevant project experience gained within the last 5-years spans field assessment of both above ground and below ground significant cultural and historical resources. Our project managers are adept at providing our clients with full spectrum Cultural Resources Management services in the broadest sense of that term ranging from project inception at the field level, (such as Phase I, II and III archeological assessments and historical-architectural building assessments) through consultation and coordinate with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, State Historic Preservation Offices, Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Environmental Compliance Support
The LEI team is not only experienced with assisting clients to ensure environmental compliance with Federal, State and Local environmental laws and regulations, but our team of experts include veteran instructors providing training on environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements, such as the ISO 1400 requirement for compliant organizations to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS). We have recently assisted Air Force Environmental Managers to identify potential air quality projects and complete a cost of compliance study accordingly. LEI successfully continues to provide on-site personnel to operate Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management facilities at 3 Air Force locations, including receipt, inventory, issue/turn-in, tracking database operations, disposal, manifesting, and reporting. LEI efforts aide all of our clients to meet various State, Federal and Air Force reporting requirements including Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Department of Transportation, and other Environmental Protection Agency regulations and guidelines. LEI provided technical support to Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) Program Managers for the review and evaluation of the EPCRA and Toxic Release Inventory reporting for compliance to applicable regulations. Other recent Federal facility support provided by LEI includes updates to Source Water Protection Plans; Updates to Integrated Pest Management Plans and the associated chapters of the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan; and an Urban Forestry Inventory and Assessment. We continue to support our clients to manage land-use controls on active and/or former remediation sites regulated by the EPA under SARA.

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